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Here's what our clients have to say:

Mark and Michelle:  We would like to thank some very special people, Drs. Terry Smith and Debbie Dorsey and the staff of Kahului Animal Hospital.  Two weeks ago our dog Roxie ate something toxic.  We brought Roxie to Kahului Animal Hospital with muscle spasms.  Within hours she was in a coma.  I didn't expect her to live through the night.  Drs. Smith and Dorsey took Roxie home with them the 2 nights she was in the most critical condition.  She needed continual attention. 

Not knowing exactly what she ate, it was impossible to give her the proper antidote.  The Doctors tried everything.  They really cared and it showed.  Every time her condition changed or they were going to try another remedy, they would explain it to us fully.  We never had any doubt that they were doing everything possible to save her.  Roxie came out of the coma on the third day and has recovered fully.  She shows no signs of having been so close to death.  Drs. Smith and Dorsey we want to say Thank You!  Your caring and skill saved far more than a little dog's life.  You saved a member of our family.

Gary L:  You are, by far, the best veterinary practice I have ever had the occasion to work with in my life.  Dr. Dorsey, your compassion and understanding of an aged Dachshund and her neurotic parent were unparalleled.  Unlike other vets I have seen, never did I feel like your bottom line was ever more important than Muffy's comfort and well being.  Your genuine love and affection for your patients is clear to everyone who meets you.  I also found it refreshing that you always took the time to speak to me directly about her condition, and gave me the options available.  I never felt as if you were talking down to me and you were always clear and concise.  Beyond my simple thanks, I can't do much except to assure you that I recommend you exclusively and highly to everyone I know with a pet.  You can be assured that you are the only veterinary practice on Maui I would ever consider, regardless of where on the Island I lived.  Thank you again for your kindness and compassion.

Susan S.  Thank you all so very much for saving my dog's leg.  When she got out of the yard and was hit by a car I took her to my regular vet (name omitted).   I knew her leg was broken and they told me that her leg would have to be amputated.  They wanted to send me to Oahu because the only surgeon that could fix her leg was in Honolulu.  It was going to cost thousands of dollars and even they might not be able to save her leg.  I'm so grateful that my friend told me about his vets, Dr. Smith and Dr. Dorsey at Kahului Animal Hospital.  They were so nice and they got us in right away and even wound up doing surgery that same day.  After several hours of surgery, Dr. Smith repaired her leg with a bone plate and screws.  It was an amazing experience.  She's already walking on the leg almost like it was never broken.  I just can't thank them enough.  They're the best vets on Maui for sure.

Dr. Terry Smith and Dr. Debbie Dorsey