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Maui Quarantine Direct Release

Maui's First Quarantine Approved Hospital

We offer quarantine inspection services at Kahului Airport for animals approved to fly directly to Maui.  Over 20 years of experience in animal quarantine services. Dr. Terry Smith will answer your quarantine questions and walk you through the process so your animal can fly directly into Kahului without unnecessary delay.  At Kahului Animal Hospital, you speak directly with the veterinarian to get in done right. 

We are also a fully approved quarantine facility.  Kahului Animal Hospital was the first quarantine approved veterinary facility on Maui.  In addition to Direct Airport Release services we offer full quarantine hospital services for animals that don't qualify for immediate airport release.  No need to leave the animals behind when you move to Maui.  Kahului Animal Hospital has all your quarantine needs covered. 

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