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What could be better than having your friends at Kahului Animal Hospital care for your pets when you are away?  Our boarding services are quite different from commercial kennels.  All boarding pets are kept indoors in a clean, air conditioned environment under direct veterinary supervision.   Each guest at Kahului Animal Hospital is assured a safe and comfortable stay. We are proud to offer the most personal, medically supervised boarding experience on Maui.

The Daily Routine:

Dogs boarding at Kahului Animal Hospital are up early in the morning and walked outdoors for exercise and potty time.  They return to a freshly disinfected kennel with clean bedding and breakfast.  Animals in need of a mid-day outing or feeding are cared for at noon. Then it's outside again in the afternoon for another walk and the evening feeding.  Our cat boarders are kept in a quiet area away from the noise and activity of the rest of the animal hospital.  Cats are fed twice daily and given fresh water and a sanitary litter box at least once every day.  In some cases, animals from the same family can board together in our larger suite but there is never any interaction with pets outside of the family.  We keep animals separated to avoid injury and transmission of disease.  No coughing dogs or sneezing cats here, thank you very much!

Boarding Requirements:

All pets must be current on their vaccines and free of fleas and ticks.  Animals with fleas or ticks upon entry will be given the appropriate treatment at the beginning of their stay. Pets should be neutered or spayed at the appropriate age (except purebred animals intended for breeding). All new patient are giving a complete examination before they can board with us. Pets in need of medical care can be boarded and receive their medications as required.  If requested, you pet can be bathed prior to going home and nails trimmed.